Help find truck that spilled raw sewage in Chesnee

Sewage Spill in Chesnee
Chesnee Community Fire Department

SPARTANBURG, co. (WSPA) – SC DHEC is looking for the driver of a truck whose raw sewage was dumped onto West Cherokee St and North Alabama Ave last night, says Chesnee Community Fire Dept.

Chesnee’s Fire Dept. said they were called out last night at 8:56 PM to wash down the street then realized the spill was raw sewage, and had to close the roads.

DHEC, as well as the SCDOT, had to be called out to clean up the mess.

The truck that caused the spill did not stop, according to the fire department.

If you saw the spill happen and could identify the truck, call the Fire Department at 461-2900 or send them a Facebook message here.

The fire department says they are not responsible for any bills related to the clean up.

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