Fine dining soaring to new heights

Brussels, Belgium (WSPA)– Imagine, instead of dining outside at a table with a view, you were eating your dinner over the skyline of a beautiful city. You don’t have to imagine anymore because this is a real concept.

This concept was created 11 years ago in Brussels by David Ghysels and it’s called Dinner in the Sky. It’s all about taking fine-dining to new heights and it gives diners a chance to eat their dinner in the clouds.

The way it works is diners, chefs, and the kitchen staff are lifted about 130 ft. in the air by a crane. Guests are strapped in to their seats at a designated table, each seating about 22 people.

Once the crane is done lifting the table, guests dine on dishes created by renowned chefs of the area

The neat thing about this concept is the view can always change. This year in Belgium, the dining spot is a unique view over the Belgian capital.

This concept has continued to grow and is now in almost 60 countries across the world.

Right now in Belgium, diners are paying 295 euros, about $320, for a seat at one of these tables.


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