Woman returns library book 21 years later

A woman returned a book to the Spartanburg County Library 21 years after checking it out (Courtesy: Facebook)

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – When people forget to return a library book, they’ll simply go in and pay a small fine. What if the book was years, or even decades overdue?

In April 1996, a woman walked the aisles at the Spartanburg County Library looking for a book on pageant prep. Since then, she’s moved to Georgia, and the library moved into a new building, and was filled with new books.

Monday an unexpected package arrived at the library, and County Librarian Todd Stephens says it’s something he didn’t think he’d ever see.

“We received the book and a nice little note from the young woman who had checked it out, apologizing for having checked it out. She wanted to make sure the item had been returned,” Stephens says.

She returned the book more than 21 years later with a note saying “I apologize for this being so late, but this book was found in an old box of items.”

Stephens crunched some numbers to find out just how much a 21 year fine would cost.

“If you were just going to run the math, flat out, then it would accumulate to around $760,” Stephens says. “I think we’ll forgive this fine, she won’t get a fine on this one.”

The library is working to get in touch with the woman, so they can thank her for returning the book.

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