A Kohlhepp Confession: In cold blood

On November 5th, 2016 Spartanburg County deputies had an inkling that there were more crimes connected to Todd Kohlhepp than just Kala and Charlie, but they had no idea.

On November 3rd, Kohlhepp had asked for an attorney, stopping the flow of information to help deputies solve the crimes.

On November 5th, Kohlhepp reached out to deputies, initiating contact, to give them a piece of information. Kohlhepp began to give investigators details that it was Meagan and Johnny Coxie, a missing couple from 2015, that were buried on his property. Kohlhepp would travel with investigators back to the Woodruff property, pointing out the Coxie’s graves.

Kohlhepp gave quick details that proved that he was the Superbike Killer, including the weight and grain of the bullets used in the Superbike murders. Investigators would then take Kohlhepp to the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office to begin a four hour confession.

Detectives would bounce back and forth between his crimes, keeping Kohlhepp talking. Kohlhepp told investigators that he bought a motorcycle from Superbike in April of 2003. 14 days later the bike would be stolen from his Hunt Club Apartment. He filed a police report with Spartanburg Police.

Just days before the theft, Kohlhepp stated he had gone to Superbike and asked to return the bike, as he couldn’t ride it. Kohlhepp states the workers laughed at him.

Kohlhepp stated over the next months he would return several time to Superbike, testing out different bikes that he thought he could handle.

On November 3rd, 2003, Kohlhepp would drive to Chesnee after his classes at Greenville Tech. He pretended to be a customer, wasting time looking at a Black Katana 600. A customer, Kelly Sisk, would see that exchange between Kohlhepp and Superbike Owner Scott Ponder. Sisk left with his 4-year-old son, and Kohlhepp began his plan.

The Katana bike traveled to the back of the shop to be prepped, and Kohlhepp went back and shot Chris Sherbert twice at a downward angle with the brass ammunition. Once determining that Sherbert wasn’t a threat, he pushed through the bi-fold doors with his knuckles, careful not to leave any fingerprints. Kohlhepp encountered Beverly Guy, a non intended target, he shot in her in the chest. Kohlhepp would end up shooting Brian Lucas and Scott Ponder as they were running out the door. Kohlhepp returned to fire a “kill shot” in each of their heads.

Kohlhepp then talked about taking Meagan and Johnny Coxie. He saw them at the corner of Blackstock and Reidville Road panhandling for money. He picked them up, offered them work for cash. Kohlhepp stated that once the couple arrived on his Woodruff property, Johnny pulled a zebra coated handled knife on Todd, to which he shot him. Meagan was kept in the container for 5 or 6 days. Kohlhepp stated he wanted to give her $10,000 and drop her off in Tennessee, but he was afraid he would be pulled over with her in the car. On Christmas Day, Kohlhepp took Meagan from the container and shot her in the head and buried her next to Johnny.

Kohlhepp would detail the items that he said Kala asked for while being held in the container and how he debated about killing her.

In the end, Kohlhepp’s confession would help bring closure to the Coxie families and to the Carvers. It would also seal his fate for the 7 murders he committed.


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