Shot fired after Men find burglars while checking on apartment

Police lights

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Two men, checking on a woman’s apartment, found burglars instead, according to the Spartanburg Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say they were called to Serenity apartments on Bryant Rd. on 6/14 for a disturbance with weapon.

They were flagged down by a woman that said several men were running in and out of the breezeway near building “R.”

She said one of the men turned and shot into the woodline nearby.

Deputies say while they were talking to her, 2 men approached them and said they were involved in the incident.

Anthony Jones said the gun was safely secured at a friend’s apartment.

The men said they were checking on the their cousins’s apartment and found the door to be slightly ajar.

One of them tried to open the door when someone on the other side pushed the door shut.

They say two men came running out of the apartment and ran behind the apartment.

Jones, who had got the gun from his vehicle for his protection, said he fired one shot into the ground near the woodline.

Jones said they got into their vehicle and tried to follow the men, but lost sight of them in the woods.

Deputies say they checked out the apartment and no large or valuable items were taken.

The woman who rents the apartment said her room was clean when she left, but was now in disarray with clothes on the floor.

Deputies think the men got into the apartment from a window in the back, because a screen was removed from the ground floor window and the locks had been popped open.

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