Mom raising awareness about water safety after daughter’s drowning

GREENVILLE, S.C. – An Upstate mom is sharing her family’s scary story, hoping to raise awareness about water safety this summer. Tiffoni Brown’s daughter drowned in their neighborhood pool and nearly died in 2012.

“It was just a fun day at the pool,” said Brown. “We were swimming. It was our annual 4th of July pool party.”

When Brown left her two daughters and husband at the pool to put their newborn down to nap, she never expected a horrifying phone call.

“It was a lady on the other end and she said, you need to get down here right now. Your daughter just drowned.”

That fateful day would change their lives forever. Her husband turned away briefly to get the toddler’s arm floaties.

“When he got back, he found her floating feet up,” said Brown.

Fortunately, this story has a miracle ending.

“We did not know if she was going to make it through the night,” she explained.

The next morning, her 3 year old was fully recovered.

“They said we can’t explain this. They said this is a miracle,” said Brown.

Brown is now telling their story in a viral blog post through her ministry, “Grace Filled Moms.” She’s hoping it can change the course for even one family.

“Drowning is not loud, it’s not noisy and it’s not a big commotion,” said Brown. “Do not turn your back. You cannot take your eyes off of a kid when they’re in the pool. Period.”

Safe Kids Upstate is working to help parents and caregivers stay more alert by the water through their newly launched “Water Watcher” program.

“This just ensures that a person knows, “Ok, I have the water watcher tag. I’m holding it or I’m wearing it,” explained program specialist, Deandra Reasonover-Winjobi.

The program is ensuring that a designated person has eyes on the water and the children at all times. It is a tool to fight an increasing number of drownings in the state.

“For the children ages 0 to 4, [drowning] is the leading cause of injury related death,” said holding it or I’m wearing it,” explained program specialist, Deandra Reasonover-Winjobi.

Fortunately, today Brown’s daughter is a happy healthy 7 year old whose story is meant to help others.

“She is a miracle. God has big plans for that girl and I can’t wait to see what he does with her,” said Brown.

Learn more about the water watcher program:

Read Tiffoni Brown’s blog post:

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