Wife sues Publix over husband’s deep fryer death in GA

FILE - Credit Mike Kalasnik on Flikr https://www.flickr.com/photos/10542402@N06/7967704538/ CC2.0 Cropped

DACULA, Ga. (AP) – A Georgia woman whose husband died after falling into a deep fryer has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his grocery chain employer.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports according to the lawsuit, the incident occurred June 25, 2015, when 37-year-old Mansur Blount was cleaning vent hoods at a Publix in Dacula.

The vents were above a fryer filled with hot cooking oil. The lawsuit says Blount was unaware of the hazard and stood on a “thin metal cover” over the fryer to clean the vent before it gave way and his left leg fell inside.

Blount suffered severe burns and died July 4, 2015 while hospitalized.

Blount’s widow, Chrissie McGee Blount, is suing Publix for “the full value of the life of Mansur Blount.”

A Publix spokeswoman declined to comment.

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