Greenville Police’s Most Wanted list

Most wanted list
Keva Diquese Jones (top left) – Phillip R. Sheppard (top middle) – Isom Crisp (top right) – Trayvis Strickland (bottom left) –
William Junior Clark (bottom right) – Credit: Greenville Police

Greenville, SC (WSPA) – Greenville Police Department has started a “Most Wanted” list, according to their Facebook page.

They will release the list to the Facebook page every Monday.


Keva Diquese Jones – Contempt of Court for removing ankle monitor, original charge trafficking cocaine

Phillip R. Sheppard – Stalking

Isom Crisp Grand larceny $2,000 – $10,000

Trayvis Strickland – Domestic violence and failure to pay child support

William Junior Clark – Domestic Violence and violation of probation.

If you have any information on the people on the list, you should contact Crime Stoppers at 864-23-CRIME (or 864-232-7463.)#gvlpd #crimestoppers

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