Wellford residents want to slow down speeding drivers

Some Wellford residents on Church St have put this sign up, asking drivers to slow down

WELLFORD, SC (WSPA) – People in Wellford are fed up with cars speeding through their streets. After several complaints, the police department plans to crack down on speeding drivers.

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People living on Church Street say cars fly by at all hours of the day. Police say the speed limit  is 30 miles an hour, but they’ll often catch drivers going 50 or even 60 miles an hour down this road.

April Smith lives on Church Street, and says she’s fed up with the drivers.

“We shouldn’t have to be afraid to live on our road,” Smith says.

Smith and other residents say they’ve seen the speeding drivers do some serious damage.

“A car came up onto our property and ran over my dog and left,” Smith says.

“They were going too fast for the curve, they knocked off three mailboxes and almost came into the yard,” says Richard Foretenberry.

Smith says she talked to the mayor’s office about fixing the issue. Now the Wellford Police Department is stepping up their patrols.

“We have our officers seen a little more than normal, [they] do a little extra patrolling on the side street versus the main roads,” says Chief David Green.

Chief Green says almost every single mailbox on Church Street has been destroyed by a speeding driver. Residents say the patrols have certainly helped, but they would still like to see more done to stop the speeding.

“If it doesn’t get any better, it’s a time bomb. They’re going to have to do something now or in the near future, or it will be a time bomb,” Fortenberry says.

We asked Chief Green about adding speed bumps to the area.  He says he’s talked with the town administrator, and they say it is too much cost for the city to get speed bumps. They say if a car gets damaged, it’s on the city to pay the repair bill.

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