Fake cop pulls over driver, arrested by real officer say Greenville police

Wyatt Edward Stephens

GREENVILLE (WSPA) – Greenville Police arrested a man who they said was impersonating an officer when he pulled over a driver.

The GPD officer was in a parking lot on Wade Hampton Boulevard when he saw a car following another vehicle closely around 10:30 p.m. Monday.

The two cars pulled into the Regal Inn parking lot in the 500 block of Wade Hampton Boulevard. The Greenville Police sergeant drove over to the two cars.

Wyatt Edward Stephens told the officer he “stopped” the vehicle for “running a red light” according to Greenville Police. The other driver said he stopped because the car behind him had red and white flashing lights.

Stephens, 28, claimed he was a reserve officer with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office told Greenville Police that Stephens was not associated with their department.

We’re told Stephens also had handcuffs, a walkie talkie, an iPad and a Go-Pro camera that was acting as a dash camera.

Greenville Police arrested Stephens and charged him with impersonating an officer and having an open container in the vehicle.

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