New interactive map helps find resources in Greenville Co.

Greenville, Co., S.C. (WSPA)- A new interactive online map went live today that connects people with essential services and more in Greenville, Co.

It’s called, imap, and it has more than 1,000 individual services, which include one click calling, GPS directions, and street view images, that help users find the resources they need.

It also has more than 70 sub categories that you can search within.

The map focuses on 11 main resources, including childcare, healthcare, and transportation.

One resident is very excited about this new interactive map because her grandchildren are actually moving to the area this week.

“I think it’s awesome, because when you first move to a new area, you really don’t have a clue,” said Margaret Bethea-McHenry.

The two year ongoing project was made possible by the Greenville Health System, Greenville County, United Way and Furman University.

“This could become a new model for a partnership of how people in a community access resources in the future.  So this is the first one of its kind in Greenville, it’s the first of its kind in the state so we’re really excited about that,” said Jennifer Snow, director of accountable communities with the Greenville Health System.

“The students worked really hard to vet the different resources, so a lot of the work was just on the ground, detective work, working in spreadsheets, calling community partners,” said Mike Winiski, from Furman University, about the interactive map.

“And so that’s where you get to differentiate from a Google search, is that you know the information is reliable and regularly updated,” said Shannon Herman, a Greenville County spokesperson.

This is just phase one of the interactive map.

Phase two would likely include museums like the children’s museum, hiking trails and activities for teenagers.

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