County animal shelter has major success as “No Kill”

County animal shelter transitions to no-kill shelter successfully.

It’s been months of hard work and dedication by staff in Anderson County to officially make the animal shelter no-kill.

Just last year, healthy animals were being euthanized all because the shelter needed more space. But six months ago, a new director was brought on board changing the shelter to no-kill. Since then she’s brought the percentage of animals saved from 42 percent all the way up to 92 percent.

One key to their success is monitoring their intake.

“We are based on appointments now so we have tried to limit our intake a little bit and make the public responsible for their own animals, but we’ve taken in 30-50 animals a day,” said Kim Sanders, shelter director and vet.

Another change that has helped is higher turnover rates, mandatory spay and neutering for new animals. They have also lowered their adoption rates and are holding specials for large dogs and cats to help make room for the next animal who needs their help.

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