Landrum residents want road improvements

The town of Landrum (WSPA)

Thanks to the new gas tax hike, Spartanburg County residents will start see the benefits from the money.

The west bound lanes of I-26 will be repaved from Mile Marker 5 to the North Carolina state line starting in 2018.

Landrum residents who have seen a boom from the neighboring Tryon Equestrian Center, believe more should be done to fix the roads in their area.

A boom of tourists to the Landrum area, have them wanting a better entrance to their town.

County Councilman Bob Walker says he’s written to SCDOT for 3 years asking for improvements to the Highway 14 and Highway 11 bridges over Interstate 26, those requests have so far gone unanswered.

Walker would like to see stop lights to help with congestion at the top of the ramps, the bridge raised, and also a widened bridge for pedestrian paths and horse trailers.


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