Spartanburg School District 2 says summer learning program producing positive results

Upstate schools are taking the initiative to help students continue to learn throughout the summer months, like they’ve been doing all school year long.

7 News spoke to Spartanburg School District Two about results they’ve seen in their students academic performance in years past.

District 2 representatives said they utilize a program called the Summer Learning Academy. It comes from the Riley Institute at Furman University.

The District said the goal is to stop learning loss and improve academic achievement for elementary school students.

District representatives tell us last year nearly every student increased their reading skill level .

That includes improvements on reading testing scores as well.

Spokesperson Adrian Acosta said many students tell us students improved math skills on map tests by one letter grade.

Kelly Holden, who works with 4th grade students said  students take home up to 10 books and get out of classroom exposure attending movies, the zoo, the library, farms and colleges.

She said students that have good attendance, can earn school supplies for next year.

Instructors said this year there’s been record attendance with 210 students and 40 teachers who go through a nomination process.

This year Holden said the District has a partnership with Spartanburg Regional and the Spartanburg Academic Movement or SAM.

“Hospital employees will teach kids life skills like CPR so they will be familiar with this in the case of an emergency,” said Holden.

Holden also mentioned that this year a recording artist “Son of Ice” wrote a song called Smart Talk just for the kids that attend about developing goals and good behavior.

Holden referred interested parents to the Spartanburg Library to take advantage of a similar program to help students retain information throughout the summer months.

You can find that here.

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