17 Upstate Officers arrested in past year

Since June 2016, 17 Upstate police officers and deputies have been charged with crimes.

Those span from misconduct in office, to DUI and even child pornography arrests.

Three officers from three departments were charged with Criminal Domestic Violence in just one week, so why?

Criminal Defense Lawyer Steve Denton represents many of these embattled officers, as a former officer himself.

Denton retired from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office 10 years ago as a Captain over the Criminal Investigations Division.

A study from Bowling Green University State University, states that nearly 1,100 officers are arrested each year, mostly for assault charges or DUI’s.

The study states the stresses of a police officer’s job often lead to bad behaviors, including alcohol.

“Over years I think it’s become extremely stressful, some police officers just like human beings in other jobs or whatever they turn to alcohol, they turn to drugs, they’re looking for someway to relieve their stress,” said Denton.

Many of these officers that are arrested are not new to the force, they’ve worked in the same departments for 15, 20 years.

“Many of them are calling out for help and people don’t see it and they don’t pay attention to many people just calling out for help until it’s too late, ” said Denton.

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