Plans in motion to fix Anderson water problem

Hundreds of people in Anderson County are feeling the impacts of warmer temperatures and sunnier days in their drinking water.

“About two weeks ago we experienced a sudden bloom of algae and our concentration, taste and odor, causing the problem and it went up about ten fold in a ten day period,” said Scott Willett, executive director of Anderson Regional Joint Water System.

It’s something that happens annually for the Anderson Regional Joint Water System because they pull their water from Lake Hartwell. When the sun is out and temperatures are up, more algae grows, more than the system can handle.

“The reason we have taste and odor is due to algae in our source water the algae in the water produces compounds that can be tasted by humans,” Willett said.

Through weekly tests and treatments, the water is monitored to make sure it is safe for you to drink. But after a new facility is complete next summer, you won’t have to worry about smelly water any more.

This has only been happening for about the last three years, but algae have always been in the lake. The difference is that each year based on the heat and sunlight different plants will grow and some don’t give off any smell others are very strong.

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