Lack of funding leads to waiting list for Meals On Wheels

Volunteers pack meals for Meals On Wheels daily route.

Millions of seniors nationwide suffer from hunger. But the program Meals On Wheels helps to combat the hunger by providing meals to home bound seniors. But with the aging population there are not enough volunteers or funds to keep up with the demand.

“Our meals cost us around $5.75-5.85 to produce. We do get some state and federal funding, but its not nearly enough so we do fundraising which helps,” said Tracey Bedenbaugh, Deputy Director of Piedmont Agency On Aging.

In Greenwood County alone, there are 200 seniors on the waiting list, 61 more in Laurens, Abbeville and Saluda counties. It would cost the non-profit nearly $300,000 to get everyone off the waiting list. Many other Meals On Wheels programs throughout the Upstate are for profit, so since the Piedmont Agency on Aging is non-profit they have to fund the program solely through donations and grants.

If you would like to volunteer or donate, you can go to for more information.

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