New program gives second chances to troubled people

First class to graduate Back to Work program in Greenville.

Seven recovering addicts are celebrating after graduating from a new program that will help them get a job. The Back to Work program was first launched in Columbia about a year ago. It’s a five week boot camp where the concept is to help people struggling, get a stable home and lifestyle, but they can’t do that without a job.

So with this program they learn basic clerical skills, interviewing, and ways to build their confidence in order to start this new life. For one graduate this program helped her realize she was worth it.

“There are people who care there are people who believe in us there are people who are willing to give people a second chance who realize that some life experiences aren’t always bad. Overcoming adversity can be a good thing for your future. If you can overcome obstacles it shows you are not going to be stopped,” said Ginny Knight, graduate of the program.

These graduates are currently interviewing for jobs and hope to be employed in the near future. The tentative next group will go through the program in August.

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