Grocery store price comparison: Aldi, Lidl and Walmart

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Greenville boasts over a dozen grocery stores, begging the question, which one gets you the most bang for your buck?

WNCT looked at price comparisons Monday among three popular stores: Walmart, Aldi and Lidl.

Walmart is selling a pound of chicken breast for $1.99 per pound, a pineapple for $2.08 and a cucumber for 52 cents.

A few minutes down Greenville Boulevard at Aldi, you can get the same items, but not for the same price. Aldi is selling chicken breasts for $1.29 per pound, a pineapple for $2.19 and a cucumber for 49 cents.

Aldi’s pineapples are more expensive than Walmart’s, but the total price of all three items is around 60 cents cheaper.

The newest competitor on the block, Lidl, is selling a chicken breast for $2.29 per pound, a pineapple for $1.99 and a cucumber for 49 cents.

WNCT totaled up the prices and found that the least expensive grocer for these randomly selected items is Aldi with a total basket price of $3.97. Lidl is the most expensive, ringing up at $4.77 total. Walmart fell in the middle at $4.59.

Aldi and Lidl tied for the cheapest cucumber, Aldi had the least expensive chicken breast and Lidl had the least expensive pineapple.

In general, shoppers say price does matter, but quality is what is most important to them.

“I like a variety, but I do want a better quality if possible,” Winterville resident Scott Walling said. “Price is always a factor for most people. You are going to compare, so most people have to be competitive in order to make it worth their while.”

“I’m not so concerned about the price,” Greenville resident Don English said. “I just hope they have good quality produce. For me, that’s the most important part, good quality produce.”

Prices may vary by day depending on deals and specials going on.

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