Man dies after Wellford arrest, SLED investigating

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is investigating the circumstances of a man’s death in relation to his arrest by Wellford Police.

Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Dodd St. in Wellford Saturday night in regards to a prowler call, according to Chief Greene.

Once on scene, officers found a man with his pants falling around his ankles, peering into a nursing home, according to the Chief.

The coroner’s office identified that man as Jackson Edge of Christopher St. in Duncan.

Officers say Edge was sweating and not acting right, and attempted to arrest him, when the man took off.

Two officers attempted a short foot chase and Edge resisted arrest, swinging broken glass paraphernalia, according to the Chief.

As the officers detained the Edge, he went unconscious, and the officers attempted to resuscitate him, including issuing Narcan, according to the Chief.

The suspect was taken to Spartanburg Regional where he died, according to the Chief. SLED was called into investigate by Wellford, because of the suspect going unconscious during the arrest.

The Chief states that they reviewed their policies and procedures and he feels his officers actions were by the book.

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