Illegal dumping caught on camera in Spartanburg

(Photo Courtesy: Spartanburg Code Enforcement)

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Illegal dumping has one Upstate city asking the public for help. We have images of a vehicle caught on camera leaving trash on a road side.

(Photo Courtesy: Spartanburg Code Enforcement)

“In the last couple of years, it really got bad. People have been using it like it’s a landfill back there,” said Eric Hines, who attends a nearby church. “Mattresses, their garbage, everything.

It was the appearance of a landfill along a road in Spartanburg’s south side because of illegal dumping at the corner of Hill Street and Railroad Street.

“It has been done numerous times over an amount of years so staff has been going out and addressing this issue for a while,” said Spartanburg Senior Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Tillerson. “It’s an area where there’s not any high visibility.”

Tillerson says when the issue was brought to their attention again the city put up surveillance cameras. It shows a filled truck entering the area and leaving almost empty.

“Two suspects in a red Ford F-150. You can clearly see the items,” said Tillerson. “They look like playground toys – kid toys – on the back of the truck.”

The mess seen on camera has now been removed and Tillerson says every time that happens taxpayers are footing the clean-up bill.

“It’s our money – they taxpayers money – so we should be concerned,” said Hines.

The city is asking for help identifying who’s behind the wheel of that pickup truck. A post about it on the police department’s Facebook page has already gotten over 200 shares. Tillerson says they did try using an address found in the items that were dumped but it turned out to be that of a vacant home out in the county.

“Unfortunately, the camera didn’t give us a clear enough view of the tag but I think it gave a clear enough view of what type of vehicle to look for,” said Tillerson. “The goal of staff here is to eliminate blight – to make the city of Spartanburg livable and pleasant for everyone and individuals that do this really don’t have any interest in the city.”

The maximum penalty is a $1,000 fine and 30 days in jail.

Spartanburg police are asking for the public’s help with information about the truck.

If you recognize the truck, police ask you to please contact Investigator Gallman at 864-415-2532.

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