Spartanburg County dealing with another mold issue

SPARTANBURG CO., S.C. (WSPA) – Over the last two years we’ve reported many times about the on-going mold issues at the Spartanburg County Courthouse.

Now that building has some company.

New testing confirms “elevated” levels of mold in two county owned buildings across the street.

In some cases, samplers found the worst kind of mold. We looked into what the county is doing about it:

The county showed us work that was underway in 180 Library street. An open air return, one of several spots slated for cleanup by the mold reports. The first one was done by JMAC Environmental, and the second, an air sample done by ECS Southeast.

“I can’t say I was surprised,” said Murray Glenn, the Solicitor’s Spokesman, when he heard about the elevated mold levels.

Glenn recalls how his whole office was forced to move out of the Spartanburg County Courthouse for 5 weeks last year during the mold remediation.

“Last summer it was my office, round two which was several months ago was directly across from me,” he said.

And round three, was this month in his satellite office across the street from the courthouse.

Air quality test results show “slightly elevated levels” of spores right near Glenn’s office. The testing was even done after blackened vents were replaced, and some parts of the building underwent air scrubbing.

“Well that remains to be seen. We’re going to certainly investigate and follow the ongoing study and procedures with very high interest to make sure our employees are safe,” said Peter O’Boyle.

On the same block as that building, the Department of Juvenile Justice building also came back with “slightly elevated” levels of mold. One of the offices even had Stachybotrys (or black mold) in the air which can be toxic.

At both buildings, the county says it has followed all the recommendations of the mold reports with attempts to fix water leaks as well as clean air vents.

It is important to note, most of the rooms in those two buildings showed normal, not elevated, levels of mold spores. But at issue is whether clean-up that was done before air tests (some air scrubbing, and installation of new vents) should have been done after to get a more accurate reading.

The county says it followed the protocol of the testing companies. If taxpayers approve the building of a new courthouse this fall, all of the offices in these two buildings will be relocated to the new facility according to the county’s Judicial Strategic Plan.

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