Fmr. officer tampered with murder cold case, dept sued

Ralph Bobo

The daughter of a rape and murder victim from 1984 is suing the Simpsonville Police Department after an officer tampered with evidence in the case.

In June of 2015, Ralph Bobo, a former Simpsonville Lieutenant admitted to destroying evidence in Cassandra Johnson.

Bobo admitted to removing a strand a hair from the evidence in the case, throwing it in the trash. The hair belonged to a suspect, Bobo thought was innocent.

Because of this tampering, the daughter of Johnson now feels like there will never be answers in the case.

The family also feels the tampering means that no further work will be done on the case.

The daughter of Johnson along with her lawyer Brooks Derrick are suing the police department and the town for the failing to train and supervise their officers and also failing to properly remove, fire or terminate Bobo after they had constructive notice of his actions.

According to state prosecutors, Bobo’s crime came to light when he applied for a job with South Carolina’s state law enforcement division.  During the hiring process, Bobo told state investigators about the evidence he destroyed.

Both the man Bobo suspected of the crime and the man he sought to protect have since died.

Bobo has resigned his commission as a law enforcement officer and agreed to never work as a police officer again. Bobo served 18 months probation for the crime.

To read the full lawsuit, click here: SIMPSONVILLE POLICE LAWSUIT

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