Highland Neighborhood opens Innovation Village

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – The Highland community in Spartanburg is now the home to a brand new Innovation Village. The Bethlehem Center now has 25 new computers that anyone  in the community can use.

Within the walls of the Bethlehem Center, kids and teens spent their morning putting together computer stations as part of the new Innovation Village.

“It’s a huge part of them understanding their role in their own success and their role in helping the community be successful,” says Patrena Mims, the executive director for the Bethlehem Center.

The 25 computers are all new, but the technology behind them is coming from the video village once featured in the Cammie Clagget housing complex. Now that the video village is gone it was time for the technology to stay in the Highland neighborhood.

“With transportation being barriers to access and services, to not understanding how to access services, having it in a location where people can just come, it’s free, it’s in walking distance to where most people need it, it’s life-changing,” Mims says.

The Bethlehem Center will offer workshops for resume writing, computer basics and even computer coding. The workshops will start in August.

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