New program helps youth make smart decisions

New program aims to help youth make good decisions in Anderson County.

Youth Intervention Academy, it’s a new program in Anderson County where the leaders of the community are giving tools to the youth to make good decisions. It’s all in an effort to help keep kids from being pulled into a life of crime.

It’s been a learning experience for 25 boys throughout Anderson County. These aren’t bad kids but they could be at risk for going down the wrong path which is why the Williamston Police Department wanted to help.  The goal was to teach them life lessons like the people they hang out with will impact their future decisions, but to never let their past think they don’t have a choice for their future.

“An attorney Jeff Weston he came in and he said hey listen guys I come from a single parent home and that was not an excuse I’m an attorney today and I’ve been doing this a long time,” said Chief Tony Taylor, Williamston Police.

Wednesday was the last night of the inaugural program, but Taylor hopes to take this success and create more programs to help the youth in Anderson County. Some partners for the program included Tenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office and Unity Mortuary.

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