Gas tax, vehicle fees increase starting July 1

This weekend you’ll be feeling the impacts of the gas tax bill as gas prices go up two cents per gallon every year for the next six years. It’s all part of a plan to fix the roadways in South Carolina.

New registration fees, gas tax increase, new car fees; all multiple changes that will cost you money out of your pocket.  These increases in funding starts Saturday and will total $600 million a year to be used to improve the state’s roadways, starting with rural roads. Specifically improvements will happen to US 29 in Anderson County and US 25 in Greenville County.  Now these roads are prioritized by the number of fatal and serious injuries seen due to crashes.

But the money will trickle in so we won’t see the changes on the road right away. You will see the new fees on July 1st, one being a new vehicle fee where you could end up spending $200 more on a car. So local businesses are urging customers to buy now to avoid paying more.

“We are a used car lot we usually have 50 to 60 cars most of the time. We are happy to sell 10 to 15 cars, but this month we’ve sold 25 cars already,” said Ben Wells, Getsingers Used Cars.

Not all the money will be spent on this rural road project.  SCDOT hopes to widen interstates, pave more roads and just create a better, safer road network in the future. Click here to see a full list of the roads on the Rural Roads Project.

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