New police chief tackles crime in Calhoun Falls

Chief Arnie Fisher takes over as police chief of Calhoun Falls.

A new police chief is in town in Calhoun Falls. Back in November, the former police chief resigned and another officer quit not long after.  It left the department with one lone police officer. While the town’s goal was to replace the chief, they just couldn’t afford it at the time.

During those six months, residents were concerned as property crime rose, but finally the town hired Chief Arnie Fisher who has big plans for the department.

“Making sure people are safeguarded and people’s property is safeguarded. So its more now a situation to where we are getting into the community doing what we need to do and in the past we had a black eye we are just moving forward now,” Fisher said.

With the new chief, the department is now up to three officers and a victims advocate. They are hiring another officer right now and hope to be up to a staff of five by the end of the summer. If you are interested in the joining the department, you can contact Chief Fisher for more information.

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