Parents arrested after underage drinking party say Wellford Police

WELLFORD, SC (WSPA) – Wellford Police Chief Green said he responded with Ofc. Deyoung to a report of an underage party in the 600 block of Old Spartanburg Hwy. on 6/20.

When they got there they saw people running from the carport area into the woods.

When they got closer they saw several others trying to leave. They told them to stop and lined them up, asking their ages.

The report says they ranged in age from 14 to 18.

There were a lot of open bottles of beer lying around and police say they could smell alcohol coming from the teens.

Police asked if any adults were home and were told two parents were inside the home.

They met Rodney Burger at the door and he smelled like alcohol, according to the report.

Burger told police that he had just gotten off of work.

Police asked if he knew that a party and underage drinking was going on.

Burger said he did and it was better that they were doing it at his house and not somewhere else.

Police asked his Burger’s wife Allison could come outside and talk with them.

They asked her how long she had been home and she told them a couple of hours.

She said she didn’t know underage drinking was going on when policed asked her about it.

Police asked her if she had looked outside since she had been home and she said “yes.”

Police then asked her if she knew what was going on was wrong and she said “yes,” according to the report.

Police say there was a large amount of beer bottles under the carport, porch and in the house. Police say there were also open bottles of beer on the counter in the kitchen and in the living room.

Allison Raye Burger and Rodney Eugene Burger are charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Several of the older kids were given citations of minor in possession of alcohol.

All of the minor’s parents were called to come pick their kids up.

Police say two cars belonged to 2 of the three kids that ran.

All three minors that ran later came to the police department and admitted to being at the party and said alcohol was present.

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