Anderson family sues city over property dispute

Winbush family prays over legal battle with City of Anderson.

ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – A family is now taking legal action against the City of Anderson after a construction project began on their property.

They said the city did not get their permission and is now using eminent domain to push forward.

On the steps of city hall, the Winbush family announced their decision to sue the city over what they say is a piece of their legacy.

With a prayer and support from the community, Tonya Winbush and her siblings are fighting back after new sewer lines were dug on their property without their permission.

The Winbush family has owned 40 acres of land off Kings Road for more than a hundred years.

They said one morning they woke up to trees cleared and construction equipment on the middle of the property.

The city attorney said a new pump station and updated sewer lines were needed, and when they didn’t hear from the family they used eminent domain to use the land.

“It’s not something that’s isolated to this family or to Anderson if you look it’s happening all across the country,” said Harold Kay, friend of the Winbush family.

The family did try to get a special city council meeting to discuss the matter with council members, but they were unable to as the council can’t discuss the situation now that this has turned into a legal battle.

The city attorney said the city did offer to pay for the land and reach an agreement before construction started, but the family did not accept their offers so they moved forward using eminent domain.

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