Greenville County Council sued again over fee increase

FILE: Greenville County Council meeting

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenville County Council’s legal woes aren’t over.

Greenville County Council voted earlier this month on a $10 fee increase to car tags where they money would help maintain roads.  The increase was supposed to go into effect July 1st. However, a lawsuit facing council is delaying it.

In March, the plaintiffs which include Greenville County Councilmen Joe Dill, Willis Meadows and Michael Barnes and state representatives James Mikell “Mike” Burns, William M. “Bill” Chumley, Garry R. Smith and Dwight A. Loftis filed the lawsuit over council voting requirements.

The lawsuit came after council voted on two fee increase, the road maintenance and communications for first responders fees. At first, council had both fees grouped into one ordinance. After the lawsuit was filed, council separated the fees trying to rectify the problem.

However, last Friday, the plaintiffs served another lawsuit to Greenville County Council and Greenville County amending the previous suit.

The lawsuit is asking for a temporary injunction/preliminary restraining order against the county to keep them from collecting the fee.

7News reached out to one of the plaintiffs listed on the lawsuit. He said they were trying to work it out and didn’t have a comment just yet.

Council members who are being sued say it’s perfectly legal for the county to start collecting the fee July 1st. However, they are going to wait until the judge makes a ruling. They say waiting has nothing to do with the lawsuit’s merit.

There is currently no time frame for when the fee will go into effect.

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