July 2017 Caring for the Carolinas Award Winner

Well Hi, Jack Roper here at Macedonia Baptist church in Greenville. We’re going inside to present Tony Burton with our Caring for the Carolinas award for the month of July.

I enjoy working with the seniors. When I thought about it, I was trying to come up with some idea to keep them busy, and let them know because of their age, and as they get older, they can still be active. So I formed the group of Seniors On The Move.

One of the projects we do is the angel tree, we take up money for that so we can give presents to families for Christmas.

He has inspired me, although I’m a lot older than he is. I look to him for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and compassion.

He is just an inspiration to me, works practically two full time jobs, and always cheerful and happy. Every weekend he’s planning something and doing something, and he’s just a wonderful person.

He’s a good Christian man and he just tells it like it is. He’s organized, which is the very thing I like, because I don’t deal with folks that’s not organized.

Thanks to our sponsors, Ingles, Bath Fitter and Hardee’s, Tony Burton is our caring for the Carolinas award winner for the month of July. As a bonus, Tony gets a free Thickbuger, once a week for a year from Hardees and 100 dollar gift card from Ingles.

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