Man threatened to kill officer after meth arrest, say Union Co. deputies

Latavian Brannon
Latavian Brannon

A man is accused of threatening to kill a Union Co. narcotics officer after he was arrested for trafficking meth, according to a report.

Deputies say they got a tip that Latavian Brannon, 25, of Eisontown Road was delivering a large quantity of meth to a person on Lowry St. in the Monarch area of Union Co.

They said they set up surveillance around Lowry St. to look for him.

Deputies say a vehicle stopped on the street and officers surrounded the vehicle.

They say Brannon was in the passenger seat and had a plastic bad in his hand that he tried to drop on the ground.

Deputies say they think the clear rock like substance in the bag had crystal meth.

Brannon had $99 and .10 grams of meth, according to the report.

Latavian Pashard Brannon is was charged with Trafficking Methamphetamine, Trafficking Methamphetamine within ½ mile of a school, and Threatening the Life of a Public Official.

Officers say Brannon made a threat to kill a Narcotics Officer when he got out of jail.

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