SC troopers want you to drive safe this 4th of July weekend

SC Troopers: Stay safe over the 4th of July weekend
SC Troopers: Stay safe over the 4th of July weekend

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – With gas prices at an all time low, troopers say they expect more people to drive this weekend.

Law enforcement will be out in full force.

Their ultimate goal is to help you and other drivers make it to your destination safely.

Making travel plans is a norm for Stephanie Ellison, she and her family often travel from Tennessee to Charleston – especially when the holidays roll around.

“We like to go to the Isle of Palms and then we just like the historical part going into the museums and different things like that,” says Ellison.

She won’t be on the road alone, AAA predicts more than 44 million people will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday weekend and Highway Patrol will be out to make sure everyone is safe.

“One fatality is just too many and we’ve already had 400 deaths already this year in the state of South Carolina so we want to reduce those as much as possible,” says Trooper Joe Hovis of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Target Zero is an initiative in the Palmetto State with the goal of completely eliminating deaths on the highway. Troopers say it can happen if everyone works together.

“Those white signs with the big black letters are there for a reason and we ask that you obey the speed law when your traveling this weekend and every weekend.”

In addition to the following the speed limit, seat belts should be on, cell phones should be down, and if you’re tired simply pull over and rest.

“We almost had a wreck a real bad wreck a guy fell asleep and he come over in our lane.”

Highway Patrol officers will be watching you, while you’re watching the road.

“Actually its going to be all hands on deck, every trooper in South Carolina will be out on the highways enforcing the laws this weekend and through the 4th of July.”

If you see an impaired driver, pull over, pick up your cell and dial *HP or *47 and a trooper will be there to help.

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