Spartanburg Methodist College professors interviewing veterans for new book

Spartanburg Methodist College professors Kirk Hansen (left) and Cole Cheek research for their book about Spartanburg Co. veterans

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Two professors at Spartanburg Methodist College are interviewing veterans around Spartanburg County for a new book to help preserve a piece of history.

Spartanburg Methodist College professors Dr. Cole Cheek and Kirk Hansen have always had a love of history. It was their passion for war stories that gave them the idea…for a new book.

“There are a lot of stories here that people just don’t know about regarding veterans who haven’t had a chance to speak about their experiences with warfare,” Dr. Cheek says.

The pair set out to track down veterans around Spartanburg County so they could tell their war stories in their own words.

“[We have] one who was at Iwo Jima, we have someone who was at the Battle of the Bulge, we have someone who worked in Special Forces,” says Dr. Cheek.

While the book is a key to the stories of the past, Dr. Cheek and Hansen are also hoping the book can make an impact on future veterans too.

“If we can understand what some of these veterans went through in the past, that should encourage us to sit down and take stock of what’s happening with the men and women that are overseas now,” Hansen says.

Cheek and Hansen say they will also submit interview transcripts to the Library of Congress so they can be preserved. They hope to publish the book in 2018, and plan to use the profits from the sales to do more projects like this around the Upstate.

They are also asking for help to find more veterans to interview. You can e-mail Dr. Cheek at for more information.

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