Safety tips from firework professionals at ClemsonFest

Firework professionals show off safety precautions before show at ClemsonFest.

It’s the day full of grilling out, family events and lots of fireworks.  More than a thousand shells line the grass near Lake Hartwell waiting to be ignited for a Fourth of July fireworks show to remember.

It’s all part of ClemsonFest, an event that is more than 30 years old. From food to entertainment, the night rounds out with a 20 minute show catered to the city. Now it takes several days to put on a show like this one and multiple safety measures must be in place.

“All fireworks should be handled safely, but what we get to do here is set them off with a computer so we are several hundred feet away from the stuff when it’s going off,” said Peter St. Onge, the Director of Operations for Munnerlyn Phrotechnics.

There’s also an emergency shutoff so if anyone enters the designated area on land or water the crew can immediately shut the system down so no one gets hurt.

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