Spartanburg roads get facelift in August

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — Nineteen roads in the city of Spartanburg will soon get repaved. The majority of these roads have not been resurfaced since 1996.

Each year, city maintenance crews measure roads that have several complaints. After they measure the roads, the city then docks points for problem areas like cracks and pothole patches.

If the road receives a score of 50 or less, then it goes on the list to be repaved. The list is a continual running tally, due to lack of funds.

The city is getting funding for these projects from two places. The biggest chunk, nearly $600,000 is coming from the county road fee that is collected with your vehicle tax. Another $350,000 is coming from the County Transportation Committee which is money made up from the state gas tax.

You can make a complaint regarding your street, you can file that by clicking here.

The full list of road repairs are here:

The work is out for bid right now, the city hopes for the repaving to begin by August.

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