Teen suffers cuts on leg after SC shark bite

reagan readnour shark bite hilton head bull doctor laceration cut stitch stiches beach summer charleston water
CNN: Doctors say a bull shark bit Reagan twice in the leg

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (AP) — A teenager says she received lacerations on her leg when she was bitten by a shark last month at a South Carolina beach.

Reagan Readnour, who’s 14, tells the Island Packet that she felt something tug at her leg while using a boogie board in waist-deep water at Hilton Head Island on June 18. The Ohio teen says she and her brother didn’t realize what had happened until they noticed her blood in the water.

She says a doctor who treated multiple cuts to her thigh and calf told her it was a shark bite. Hilton Head Hospital spokeswoman Lydia Hill confirmed a patient was treated for a shark bite on June 18.

The teen says the cuts and bruises are healing, but she has a slight limp.

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