Celebrating freedom: Upstate remembers real reason behind the 4th

(WSPA) – As we head out to our celebrations this evening, we pause to remember the reason behind the holiday–the birth of the nation and the birth of our freedoms.

Firework stands were pumping out business, and red, white, and blue attire was in full swing.

But, today, many shared their thoughts behind this historic holiday and what “freedom” means to them.

Red, white, and blue flags billow to mark a celebration from a city hall to a battlefield that helped shape our nation.

“On July 4th…1776, the unanimous declaration of the 13 United States of America.”

A document that would create every freedom we desired.

“We believe in four things: God, family, country, and constitution.”

And a day to mark those rights.

“We can shoot fireworks, we can go cook hamburgers, stuff like that.”

And the men and women who protect us.

“Knowing that they gave their time, gave their life, to serve us, protect us.”

From being a parent…

“As a mother, freedom to me is raising my children in a country where they have rights and live according to how they would like to live,” said Chelsey Norris.

To protecting the pews.

“Freedom to me is freedom of religion and getting to worship the God that gives us freedom to worship in a place where we’re not worried about dying or worried about the consequences,” said John McGreevey.

We celebrate our rights.

“It means safety. Being able to make your own decisions.”

“Being able to do what makes me feel alive, without fear of persecution.”

For a country we love.

“To have this is one good thing… because a lot of people don’t have this.”

“So thankful that we’re here in America.”


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