Firework sales booming for July 4th weekend

Customers at Poor Paul's Fireworks stock up on fireworks for July 4th celebrations

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Business has been booming at fireworks stands across the area this holiday weekend.

Poor Paul’s Fireworks in Spartanburg, has had a crowd all day. Amy Brock’s grandfather owns the store, and she says the store sees more business today than any other day of the year.

“It starts normally the weekend before the fourth, and then it progresses through the Fourth of July,” Brock says.

For customers and staff, coming to Poor Paul’s is a family tradition.

“We’ve been coming  I’d say at least 15 years,” says customer Joey Hornick. “[We] started years ago when my son was little, and now I’ve got my grandsons with me.”

“I’ve grown up with a lot of these folks, and I get to see them and then see how many children have, and then we also get to visit with their parents and grandparents,” Brock says.

On one of the busiest shopping day of the year, we had to stop and ask people how much they’re spending on fireworks this weekend.

“Today probably about $300,” says customer James Hunter.

“You start out saying ‘I’m just going to get a few things’, and then you end up adding to it and adding to it,” Hornick says.  “Next thing you know, it adds up.”

They say the cost is all worth it to make sure the fireworks display is one everyone will remember.

As a reminder, the rules for firework use vary across the Upstate. In the city of Spartanburg, you cannot buy, sell, or use any type of firework. If you do you can face a fine of $262. In Greenville, fireworks aren’t illegal, but police are asking people to enjoy the display downtown instead of lighting off their own.

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