Good Samaritan recounts helping owner of boat explosion on Lake Hartwell

Boat catches fire on Lake Hartwell over the holiday weekend.

(WSPA) — A man made it to safety after his boat went up in flames on Lake Hartwell thanks to the help of a Good Samaritan.

It all started around 2 p.m. Sunday as Noah Cooner helped a boat owner get his boat started as he waited for his brother to come back with a new battery for his own boat. But moments later, there was a loud boom and the boat went up in smoke.

Seeing the large black cloud of smoke, Cooner jumped into the water with a life preserver to help the boater get to shore.

“Told him to get off his boat and he wasn’t wanting to get off. He just wanted to pull it to shore, but I was like look man your boat is on fire you about to go down with it. So he finally jumped off,” Cooner said.

Cooner helped the man swim to shore and they called 911. By the time the fire department and DNR arrived on the scene the boat was completely burned.

In the case of a boat fire, DNR recommends that boat owners make sure their fire extinguisher is readily accessible and fully charged. If it is a small fire, try to fight it; but if you can’t get it out, get your family to safety.

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