American Airlines offers new non-stop service to Chicago O’Hare

It’s a win for flyers out of Greenville- Spartanburg International Airport.  July 5th American Airlines began offering non-stop service to Chicago three times a day.

It’s more convenient, but will it save you money? Here at 7News, we took a closer look.

Whether you’re coming in good times.

“We come every year for my husband’s 4th of July family reunion,” says Melissa Karner, Chicagoan and mother of two.

Or leaving in bad times.

“My dad’s very ill,” says Pat Konstent, an Upstate resident.

Traveling is tiring, no matter what situation or age.

“When we’re traveling with two little kids it’s a lot easier to take a non-stop,” Karner says.

Now flyers like Melissa Karner have more direct options at GSP.

Today American Airlines kicked off non-stop flights to Chicago O’hare, three a day, adding to United’s four daily direct flights to the Windy City.

“That would be great. We would really appreciate that,” Konstent says.

You’ll appreciate it more, if it comes with extra savings. So 7News did a little price comparison on Google Flights.

Booking two months out, your lowest non-stop is $14 less at GSP than Charlotte, with a $4 price difference between United and American.

Spirit Airline, out of Atlanta, knocks down the price by $90 if you don’t need to check a bag. But that’s with a three hour drive.

If you need an immediate booking, like this Friday, Atlanta is the clear overall winner.

Still, whether it’s the new renovations, or the population increase, GSP airport officials say they’re better poised to attract more service.

“Last year we broke over two million passengers in and out of GSP, this renovation that we just finished has positioned GSP to welcome up to four million passengers in and out,” says Rosylin Weston.

American Airlines says it’s all about demand, they see a need. But they will be evaluating the flights and they’ll only stick around if those seats get filled.

“That will be nice that we can fly American, too.” says Karner

She and her family, may very well be in them for next year’s reunion.


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