Recreation department vital to small communities

Recreation departments see funding cuts across the Upstate.

We’ve seen it in a number of small towns this budget season, towns are spending out of the reserve fund. But now that the town of Westminster needs the reserve money for infrastructure improvements and now need to cut in order to balance the budget this year.  But the question comes up or what to cut?

Many departments like power and water are concrete costs so those can’t be cut, so the changes typically come from fire, police, or recreation departments. For small towns, the loss of funding for a recreation department can result in loss of business in the town from traveling teams. So talking about recreation funding is typically a hot button topic for small communities.

“I think sports are important for kids especially with today’s electronic technology just getting them out and active, finding them something fun for to do,” said Joseph Addis who uses the recreation department.

We have seen these cuts in a number of upstate communities. With some programming and tournament cost cuts in Westminster, recreation cuts in Liberty and even a transfer of the arts program in Fountain Inn to avoid cutting the funding in their budget.

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