Are you cashing in on the solar eclipse?

The total solar eclipse that will be directly overhead in most of the Upstate is just over six weeks away.

Hotels in this area are already sold out, and you bet other businesses are making plans to cash in on the big event.

But you don’t have to own a company to make your mark and a few bucks.

Sure, businesses like Strossner’s that have been around for 70 years are making plans.

“We’ll definitely dazzle and amaze them with something fun,” says employee Cathy Hood.

But so are new entrepreneurs like Emily Dowling in Greenville.

“It’s really just an exciting time,” says Dowling who has found a few ways to cash in on the craze.

For one, she is raising her Airbnb rates.

“We’re charging $100 for the eclipse which is double our normal price,” says Dowling.

And she also just launched a new webiste DriftedEarth where she plans to sell her photography of the eclipse as well as t-shirts and hats.

“As far as our designs for the solar eclipse we’re still working on them still ironing them out,” Dowling says.

Blue Jar Barn, in Belton, is offering up an eclipse group wedding for the big day.

“They’re going to finish their vows all at the same time and we hope to finish right at the exact time of the eclipse,” said owner Connie Turner.

Even the Post Office is getting in on the action with solar eclipse stamps. They’re black when it’s cool, but if you apply the heat of your thumb, or just use the hot Carolina temperatures an image of a moon will appear.

Some of the goods are still under wraps.

“It’s kind of top secret right now with our decorators,” says Hood at Strossner’s.

You can bet, by the time the eclipse hits August 21st, you won’t be able to avoid all the marketing.

No matter.  It’s something you won’t see it again in these parts until 2078.


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