Man grabs woman, gets knocked out at Chiefs Wings & Firewater says report

Christopher Boyd
Christopher Boyd

SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Two people were arrested after a fight outside of Chief’s Wings and Firewater Wednesday night.

A woman said the fight started after a man, later identified as Christopher Boyd, grabbed her butt.

An officer on a traffic stop heard screaming from outside the restaurant and saw a man and woman repeatedly punching Boyd in the face.

The report says the officer pulled the woman off the man to stop her from hitting Boyd as he was on the ground.

Another officer chased the man who was hitting Boyd through the restaurant and out the back door.

Antonio Ferguson
Antonio Ferguson

Police say they caught that suspect, later identified as Antonio Ferguson.

The woman said she was outside Chiefs with her boyfriend and another friend when Boyd came up to her and grabbed her butt.

She said her boyfriend saw what Boyd did and told him not to do it again.

Boyd grabbed the woman around the shoulders and tried to hug her.

The boyfriend told Boyd to not do that.

Another witness told police the woman was in Boyd’s face yelling at him saying that he couldn’t touch her like that, and what made it OK for him to walk up to a woman and touch her like that.

The woman said she called Ferguson over to push Boyd away from her.

She said Boyd punched her boyfriend and she punched Boyd.

Police say several witnesses backed up her story about being grabbed.

Boyd was highly intoxicated and knocked unconscious, according to report.

He was taken to the hospital for his injuries.


Christopher Boyd – Assault and Battery 3rd.

Antonio Ferguson – Assault and Battery 3rd.

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