Greenwood County shelter sees influx of animals

One shelter in the Upstate is trying to manage an influx of cats and dogs. This week the Greenwood County Animal Shelter took in more animals at one time than they have in the last three years.

“But we really hit the spike the day after the fourth where it became really unmanageable,” said Karen Pettay, Humane Society of Greenwood Executive Director.

Whether it was the fireworks or owners just giving their animals away, the shelter took in more than 50 animals in a day and a half.

“Which doesn’t really seem like much for another shelter but we only hold 155 per day we were already over 200,” Pettay said.

So what do they do with all the overflow?

“Unfortunately there were some animals euthanized to make space for the incoming. We had them housed in the bathroom, the kitchen, storage area, the offices and you can’t leave them so it became an end of the day struggle and we do lose some lives,” Pettay said.

To help keep this influx from happening, the Humane Society advises calling ahead before leaving your pet at the shelter so it’s not a surprise on them. They also encourage fostering or adopting to help these animals find their forever home.

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