Witness describes ‘chaos’ during Gaffney nightclub shooting

GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – It was a terrifying scene as gunshots rang out at a nightclub in Gaffney early Saturday morning.

Cora Rodgers described what she witnessed as pure chaos.

“It was like a shock like a numbness. You’re trying to figure out, Oh my God, what is this?” Rodgers told 7News.

Rodgers said she was outside the club when shots were fire around 1:45 a.m.

“What’s going on? Why? Why would somebody be that cruel to wanna just start shooting and then not only that they go way down the street here and start shooting like they’re shooting fireworks. It’s just awful. It’s sad,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers and other witnesses said someone opened fire inside the club and then made his way out on the street, firing more shots.

Police tape and dozens of evidence markers gave a glimpse of the horror with a crime scene that investigators said spanned two city blocks.

“It’s sad that people cannot go out and have a good time and it’s gotta be always a predator that’s in the group that’s going to cause chaos and hurt innocent people,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers is the mother of the man who owns Club Empire.

“My son been here almost three years and we’ve never had anything like this to ever happen. It feels to me like it was somebody that was just pure evil and sabotaging this establishment,” she told 7News.

Gaffney police confirm three people were injured in the shooting, a fact that is beyond troubling for community activist Jack Logan and the entire Gaffney community.

“It’s time for the communities all over throughout America to say enough is enough of violence in clubs,” Logan said.

“It’s too much violence in this world. We need to show more love. My heart goes out to the victims here tonight,” Rodgers told 7News.

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