Chimney Rock closed for construction 7/11

Chimney Rock
Chimney Rock. Cropped - Credit: Jmturner wikicommons public doman

(CHIMNEY ROCK NEWS RELEASE) – On Tuesday, July 11, Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park will be closed as a helicopter will fly in materials needed for construction work.

This fly-in will allow state contractors to place girders and beams for the Park’s new deck in the Gneiss Cave area. The new deck will provide more room for picnickers in the Park and for educational programs.

The Park will be closed during fly-ins for the safety of guests, employees and state contractors.

If work goes as scheduled, the Park will resume normal hours on Wednesday, July 12.

Another fly-in is scheduled for Monday, July 17, weather permitting.

Weather conditions can change and will alter the day and times for fly-ins. For the latest updates on both projects and Park closings, visit or

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