Pelham Batesville election protest over new fire station and HQ

There will be a new vote on a tax hike proposal to build a new fire station and headquarters.

The Pelham- Batesville fire chief protested last month’s Spartanburg County referendum at a hearing today.

The $6.5 million bond failed by just 2 votes.

The election board found those 2 votes should not have counted and that resulted in a tie.

The district serves parts of Spartanburg and Greenville counties.

The chief says the district needs that money to keep up with demand.

“The community has grown, the district has grown, the personnel and our services has grown. We simply can’t–we’ve got to do something to be able to meet this future. That’s why we’re here to begin with is to provide fire protection for this entire community,” said Pelham – Batesville Fire Chief Phill Jolley.

Jolley says this has put plans back by about a year.

It will now be up to the governor to determine when there will be a new vote.

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