Snorting Chocolate? Doctors warn the new product can be hazardous to your health

Snorting Chocolate

SPARTANBURG Co., S.C. (WSPA)- A new product called “Coco Loko” is showing up in specialty stores across the country and online.

It’s a chocolate powder that you can snort.

Doctors are warning that the health effects of this new product are unknown though, and that the product could cause serious damage.

“Chocolate is a strange thing to be snorting,” says Henry Gung, a concerned father.

Legal Lean, the makers of the product, are selling “Coco Loko” on mainstream sites like Amazon.

They market it as a legal high, producing an “endorphin rush” and a “calm focus.”

“It sounds sweet but the health consequences could be anything but sweet. It’s a new product that goes where no other dangerous product has gone right before, right to the candy aisle.” said Sen. Chuck Schumer in NY.

And since Coco Loko is also laced with many of the stimulants also found in energy drinks, the concern isn’t just about the chocolate powder.

“I think it’s dangerous because we don’t already know what the secondary ingredient or the primary ingredient will do. Certain chemicals when they are put into the nasal passages can block the sinus drainage, it can lead to secondary infections, sinus infections throat infections, even potentially ear infections,” said Dr. Christopher McCarthy at Palmetto Proactive Healthcare.

Doctors already know one of the additives, taurine, can lead to dangerously low blood pressure if over consumed.

The FDA has not approved this powder, and the agency says it doesn’t quite know yet how it will regulate this product. Also there are no studies that show how it works or whether it’s safe.

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