Firefighters build bridge for Salvation Army in Spartanburg Co.

SPARTANBURG CO., S.C. (WSPA) –  A local fire department is building a bridge in the community.

Una Fire Department is working on replacing a wooden bridge for the Salvation Army of Spartanburg.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the department will rebuild the bridge that crosses a creek on the walking trail of the Salvation Army Century of Service Park.

This is located next to the Salvation Army Community Center on Foster Street.

“We just wanted to raise awareness for the park. People in the community like to walk there,” Una Fire Chief Jeff Hadden said.

“It took us about a week and a half to plan it be here and get it completed in the next little while. It’s probably been here about twelve years and I don’t think it’s been maintained with any water treatment,” Hadden said. “We’re replacing it and we are going to start some sort of preventive maintenance.”

Firefighters began working on the bridge at about 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.

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